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Cool Capital Biennale 2014

Yesterday night my friends and I attended a think-tank at The Open Window School of Visual Communication [http://www.openwindow.co.za/] with regards to the Cool Capital Biennale 2014 [http://coolcapital.co.za/about.html] exhibition. This initiative is run by citizens, and the organisation is non-governmental, so you should not mistake it as a political campaign.

The idea behind the Cool Capital Biennale 2014 (or CoolCap’14 for the sake of simplicity,) is to make the city of Pretoria/Tshwane a better place. CoolCap’14 aims to do that by implementing many small interventions and helpful contributions within the city, from a variety of people, in the form of helpful designs and artistic expressions. CoolCap’14 also aims to expose the people of Pretoria/Tshwane to the disciplines of art and design. Personally I think it is a great opportunity for artists and designers alike (or creatives as we prefer) to show the validity of art and design as a means to improve this country for the better. CoolCap’14 wants to include as many creatives as possible to contribute in this great effort, so just about anyone is welcome to do just about anything, as long as it is for the benefit of the city, for non-profit, within the city’s borders, and within the limits of the law.

Not a creative? No sweat! You can submit your great idea on their website [http://coolcapital.co.za/submitanidea.asp] where someone with the time, money and necessary skill(s) can take the idea forward. If however you are a creative, and you wish to better the world with me, submit your project(s) on their official website [http://coolcapital.co.za/submitaproject.asp] so it can be part of the campaign.

The problem with a major project like this, where you have so many individuals doing so many different things, is how to keep track of it all, and how to communicate its success when it has passed. CoolCap’14 solves that problem by making the entire campaign web-based. That way, anyone with an internet connection can keep track of CoolCap’14’s progress, and have full access to the locations of each intervention, in case they feel like seeing any of them in action. At some point a great catalogue will be compiled and published to showcase the talents and ambitions of those who participated.

CoolCap’14 is scheduled to run from 23 August 2014 to 29 November 2014, the same time as Cape Town’s “2014 World Design Capital” event and Durban’s “Otherwhere 2014” conference of the International Union of Architects. That means we have a year to execute our ideas, arts and designs in order to participate in this glorious event.

The Open Window School of Visual Communication already has a number of concepts that would make the world of difference to the city if they are implemented.

I think this event will forever change the face of Pretoria/Tshwane for the better, and make it an even greater place for all.

Want more info? Check out these info sources:

Website: [http://coolcapital.co.za]

Facebook: [https://www.facebook.com/CoolCapital2014]

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