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The Anti Poster Project Exhibition at TOW

On the 15th of August 2013, my friends and I attended the opening of “The Anti Poster Project” at The Open Window School of Visual Communication. The idea behind the project is to celebrate talented artists from all around Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town by exhibiting their work, and to “build a network of innovative work among like-minded individuals.” Don’t ask me what “like minded individuals” is supposed to mean, since the posters don’t have common themes: they are as diverse as the places they originated from.

Now to the money: WetINK Design is responsible for the campaign, and is funding all the printing and packaging of the exhibition. When you buy a poster (R200 for an unsigned poster, R300 for a signed poster) the money goes three ways: The artist will get a cut, since, you know, they did all the work; WetINK Design will also get a slice, since they organized the event, and they don’t really sponsor the whole thing. Just because it’s a charity campaign doesn’t mean you can’t cover your costs… right? Lastly, your money will go to a selected and probably very deserving charity organisation. This “phase” of the project, since there are to be many more “phases”, I guess, will donate to the KYP (Kliptown Youth Program) in Soweto.

About KYP: On their website, KYP says their goal is to “eradicate the poverty of mind, body, and soul”, whatever that means. They provide educational support and after school activities to the young-folk of Kliptown, developing the poorness of their minds and bodies, and souls, I guess. “After school activities” contribute to the betterment of the Kliptown community, which I support wholeheartedly, and it keeps them out of trouble.

Also on KYP’s website is the KYP News: “CNN Heroes Computer Lab Opens…” The article below states that in 2012, the organisation received a $50’000 – yes, dollars, translating to R500’000 at the time of writing – grant due to a CNN Heroes award – explaining that silly name – they received in December that same year. The money was thus spent on what I’m guessing is a building with computers in it, and maybe an internet connection. Obviously this charity is in dire need of income, and there isn’t another charity who needs the money more. They do deserve getting rewarded more for their efforts.

Now let’s talk about the night: I was early, as usual, and therefore got the great opportunity to view each piece of art for as long as I pleased without needing to worry about making space for less interested viewers. Not all of the works fit within my poster tastes, but they were all (mostly) exceptional. My two favorite posters, Coffee and Demon, were from the same artist: Joshua Jason Corbett. Later that same night, whilst drawing a skinny winged man with a skull attached to his face (for the “Night of a 1000 Drawings“) I actually met this Joshua Jason Corbett character. He is a white male with curly brown hair (I think), and he was wearing art stained (if you see it you’ll understand) jacket and pants. As far as I could gather from our short conversation he’s a nice, good looking guy, who liked my art.

There was live music in the form of a band who’s name I can’t remember, and free food and booze (yes, you read that correctly). The food was (mostly) great as was the sherry, I’ve heard. Other drinks were available too. After the band finished doing what they were doing, and we uninterested viewers were allowed to have (far more interesting) audible conversations again, we were rewarded with some great music. Later that night we were treated to rhythmic music by two DJ’s who kept my body moving. There was even face painting!

Overall the night was chilled (metaphorically and otherwise) and the company was splendid. Feel free to pop by The Open Window to see the exhibition yourself, just don’t expect free food, that’s for openings only. Oh, and if you have some cash to spend on art, come spend it buying some art, you’ll probably find something you like.