“Thinking Design” – UJ Industrial Design Alumni Exhibition 2013

On 07 August 2013, my colleagues and I attended the opening of the exhibition “Thinking Design” on the University of Johannesburg’s Bunting Road Campus inside the FADA (Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture) Gallery.

The exhibition showcases the works of UJ’s past students who have each become very successful and established designers. The exhibition includes the designs of Jonathan Fundudis and David Holgreaves of “snapp Design“; Trevor Hollard and Rowan Mardghum of “Maeker Products” and “amoq“; and Peter Harrison of “Harrison Designs.” The exhibition is curated by Angus D Campbell, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Industrial Design.

What makes this specific exhibition great is the fact that, not only are the designs of these individuals on display, but their design process too. Each exhibition is thus a journey into the minds of each designer, seeing how they developed their designs from conceptualization to the solution.

The event is on until the 28th of August 2013, so come down to have a good look at what some of South Africa’s design greats have to offer.


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